Running Group

The Running Group 

The running group meets on most Saturdays of the year at 8am at the Darcy’s Corner / DNG O’Sullivan Hurley car park. If you would like to join, please contact the Clinic at 065 6896015.

Runners of all levels are welcomed, from beginner to advanced. While the main focus of the training from March onwards is aimed at the Dublin City Marathon, we also have groups of runners who register for events from 10K to full marathon around the country. Over the past few years we have also had runners take part in Paris, Rome, Barcelona and New York marathons.

Our aim is to raise funds through running these events to support the fantastic work that goes on in the clinic. Being a Clare Crusader is much easier than you think…it is simple to get started!

The general training schedule is outlined below. It is best to check with the Clinic before joining the Tuesday/Thursday runs for the first time as, at some times of the year, these can be intermittent:

Activity Day Time
10k run Tues & Thurs 6:30AM
10k run Tues & Thurs 7:30PM
Long run Saturdays 8:00AM

For those interested in running a marathon, the distance of the long runs is increased gradually, in line with a plan to bring runners up to 40k a few weeks before the Dublin City Marathon (which takes place on the October bank holiday weekend). Runners will soon become familiar with the workings of the group and the routes.

During the year we also find that smaller groups of runners form to organize their own speed/hill work, core training, pilates, yoga etc..

The Running Group also has a great social aspect – various events are scheduled through the year – it’s a great way to make new friends…strong friendships are formed through the shared experiences of training and you can also tap into the wealth of experience that exists there already, as our more experienced runners are always more than willing to advise newer runners.

For more details about the Running Group please contact the Clare Crusaders Clinic on 065 6896015 for all times of runs and routes.