Research / Survey on Positive Psychology

Dear parent/carer my name is Martina Herbert,

I am currently studying for a Masters in Health Psychology in NUIG.  Having worked as a nurse for a long time I am interested in studying ways to increase well-being and reduce stress for carers/parents and I am looking for a number of people to take part in a study.

It involves answering a questionnaire about your age, gender, health and emotions.  Some volunteers will then be asked to do a simple exercise taking 5-10 minutes daily which involves thinking about 3 good things which happened during the day.  The questionnaire will be repeated again about 3 weeks later.  The study can be done online or with pen and paper.

Research has shown it may have beneficial effects on one's mood and health.
The website address is:
If you think you may be interested please let me know by reply email as soon as possible and I will send you further details to have a look at.  

My details m [dot] herbert2 [at] nuigalway [dot] ie (m [dot] herbert2 [at] nuigalway [dot] ie)
You are entitled to pull out at any stage with no disadvantage or penalty.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanksMartina.