The Disabled People of Clare

The Disabled People of Clare, CIL , Clonroad Business Park are
 Supporting a team of concerned parents who have come together to identify service Gaps within the system for young people with disabilities throughout their lifecycle.  We are also looking at the needs of the families concerned. We have contacted organisations and schools within the County of Clare and some regional organisations that work with young people from Clare who have disabilities.
One of the hopeful outcomes of this Research would be to establish a person centered information service that will provide the service user with all the information needed and connect them with the appropriate organisations and services for their needs. Promoting individualized budgets that will follow each child with a disability from infancy or time of diagnosis through to teenage and adult stages of life is another possibility that needs to be examined.
For more information please contact:
Jacinta McEvoy (Research Facilitator) DPOC
Email- jmcevoyquin [at] gmail [dot] com
If you have a child or know a family that would be interested in feeding into this research document further information is available on by following Research & policy link.