To all the Clare Crusaders Cyclists

To all the Cyclists 

When you cycle, think of Adah 
- Adah can't walk 

When your legs ache, think of Adah 
- Adah's whole body aches sitting in her wheelchair 

When your breathing is strained, think of Adah -Adah struggles with her breath during a seizure 

When you can't see in the sun or the rain , think of Adah 
- Adah is visually impaired. 

When you cycle think of Adah and all of the other children in the Clare Crusaders Children Clinic, because, through your fundraising you help the clinic provide services, therapies and support that are vital. 

You help to stretch Adah's legs, you help her with schoolwork, you her to feed herself , you help her to talk .You help the clinic to help Adah in so many ways. 

So, when you cross that finish line, think of Adah. 

Adah is with you every bit of that cycle – every time you push that pedal or climb that hill think of Adah . 

Adah is waiting at that finish line with a big smile and a huge kiss for you to say well done and thank you! 

So keep up the good work , keep cycling and and keep raising money for the Clare Crusaders Children! 

Ann , Ger, Cillian and Adah Enright